An Authentic River Lodge

Morrisons Rogue River Lodge is located 16 miles downstream from Grants Pass along the banks of the famed Rogue River. The historic lodge and individual cabins—half-hidden by groves of evergreen, maple, and oak—are a peaceful refuge from the hectic, everyday world.

Morrisons attracts not only fishermen, but also river rafters, gold panners, rock hounds, swimmers, hikers, bikers, and others who take pleasure in immersing themselves in the wilderness. Whether fishing, rafting, or just taking it all in, guests have the luxury of walking from their lodgings to the river in just seconds.

Built in 1945

River guide and lumber mill worker Lloyd Morrison had several fishing clients who would brave the very rough road from Grants Pass to this bend of the middle Rogue to fish. Mr. Morrison dreamt of building a lodge here to accommodate these fishermen, however building supplies even nails were hard to get because of World War II. With the help of some San Francisco clients, Mr. Morrison was able to secure the essentials to build his lodge in 1945. He handpicked his lumber, and the choice bird’s eye pine he used throughout the lodge has become more lustrous through the decades.

Mr. Morrison later added a cabin and moved two small houses onto the property to lodge his clientele of fishermen. However, after he sold the lodge, the buildings fell into a period of neglect.

New Owners and the Flood of ‘64

In 1964, BA and Elaine Hanten purchased Morrison s Lodge and moved in with their three young children, Mike, Michelle, and Mark. They took to guiding, cooking, and transforming the lodge into more of a resort. However, disaster struck in December that same year, when the rampaging Rogue River flooded and wiped out all the cabins, which the Hantens had begun to renovate. The water rose so high in the main lodge that water flowed well above the fireplace mantel. The lodge well built not only survived but gained more character. With the help of a disaster loan, the Hantens cleaned up and repaired the main lodge with a few additions, building three new cabins, this time on stilts. Over the years, the business grew, and with its growth came more cabins and more manicured grounds.

Fishing and Rafting

Steelhead fishing had been the main attraction on the Rogue for many decades. In fact, in the mid-1920s, famed Western author Zane Grey was enamored with the “half-pounders” that are unique to this part of the world. Half-pounders are immature steelhead that have gone to the ocean and return to the river before reaching adult size. They are tenacious fish that fight hard and are found only on three rivers in the entire United States: The Eel, the Klamath, and the Rogue River.

In 1968, the Rogue was designated a “Wild and Scenic” river by the federal government. At that time, Rogue River Raft Trips, Inc., which operated out of Morrisons, was one of the first to use inflatable rafts to take adventurers down the wild section of the Rogue.

More than 70 Seasons Strong

For more than 70 seasons, the Hanten family has owned and operated Morrisons Rogue River Lodge. Although BA, Elaine, and Michelle are no longer with us, Michelle’s son Churchill continues their legacy of wonderful hospitality and fabulous meals at this full-service river resort.


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